Another weekend, another market!

Yesterday was my last market for this year. It was in the gymnasium of a local school which was very fortunate as it was a very hot 37c ! I think this must have put a lot of people off as it wasn’t as busy as we were hoping. I was lucky to be under a huge industrial fan that kept a breeze moving albeit a warm one.

I took limited chocolates as I was worried about everything melting (including me!) and I did give some away to other stall holders at the end of the day as they were getting a little soft!

I ended up with a slightly odd space as I had a walk way on either side of me. That stumped me for a minute as how to best set up. I’m glad we weren’t too busy as I was by myself and it would have been hard to manage customers on all 3 tables at once.

In hindsight I should have changed the tables around but I now know for next time!


There were about 40 stalls which made for a really nice atmosphere and everyone was super friendly.

So that’s it from the market side for me for this year but I am still keen to see what comes next year.

I still have some stock left if anyone is looking for a last minute gift.

Happy Stampin’

Melissa x





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