Can you have too many craft fairs? 

So last Thursday I got a heads up from the school p&c (parents & citizens committee) asking if anyone was interested in an online stall to help out the school and if so could it be organised by Saturday at the latest so the flyers could go out this week! 

Luckily I am in full swing for market prep so I jumped onboard right away. The idea is that the parents and kids can shop online for a variety of products and then there will also be one afternoon and one morning where we can set up a stall and have a mini market. 

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I’m really keen to see what we have on offer in our school community. We have a pretty large school (nearly 600 kids) and a real diversity of cultures. Our P&C committee put in huge hours of effort to come up with interesting ideas and activities for the kids and parents alike so I am more happy to help out where I can. 

I already have items made for markets so I was quickly able to put together some photos. Hopefully it will be a success!

Happy Stampin’

Melissa x


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